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Smart Citizen

We promote public-private partnership models including people and implement your ideas

The Smart Citizen initiative complements existing concepts and ideas of the Smart City. It builds on the existing aspirations of a smart city, expands it to include the view of the residents and also strengthens supraregionality. The Smart Citizen approaches are not isolated and can be infrastructure-independent.

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Applied research with studies from practice

With our many years of experience in research and the use of our successful models, we offer complementary solutions for the design of new services. We promote cooperation between companies, authorities and universities in order to jointly develop comprehensive, customer-centered services - that is our public-private-people partnership approach.

What We Offer


Our manifest: How do we design the innovative services of tomorrow?


The service development of the future ...

  • ... actively involves residents from town and country.

  • ... uses technologies and data in a need-oriented and goal-oriented manner.

  • ... takes into account the needs and challenges of public institutions and companies.

  • ... is based on the Public-Private-People-Partnership and the associated community.

  • ... enables a sustainable and sensible use of resources and technology and their positive regulation.

  • ... leaves room for individual design freedom.

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