Inter-university consortium research


What we offer

With our international network of selected universities, we have been developing scientifically sound reference models together with our customers from the financial industry for more than 15 years. We demonstrate the potentials of new technologies and promote a practice-oriented exchange within the community. With prototypes we show the applicability of the results.


The CC Ecosystems is available to all companies in the financial industry as a research vessel. Within the scope of two-year research cycles, solutions for current problems are scientifically substantiated and developed to prototype maturity. The topics of the research cycles are formulated by the companies together with us. The solutions developed are discussed three times a year in joint workshops and modified if necessary. This interactive exchange and the fact that the current solutions and those developed in previous research cycles at the Competence Center are available to all partners are in line with the network concept and promote the development of cross-company standards.

Practice-oriented research results

  • Application-oriented research in the Competence Center (CC) with focus on topics relevant to the cooperation partners

  • Implementation of selected research results and proof-of-concepts

  • Broad scientific network (Universities of St. Gallen and leipzig etc.)

  • Active participation in the research process in the project groups on request

Unique partner network in the financial sector

  • Informal exchange of knowledge at conferences with a wide range of banks and other companies in the financial industry 
    (Network thoughts live)

  • 3 workshops (2.5 days each) per year

  • Access to best practices & expertise of cooperation partners

  • Expansion of the personal network

  • Benchmarking analyses

Market and innovation screenings

  • Market and innovation screening with regard to technologies, developments and FinTechs

  • Focus on meeting the needs of end customers in the ecosystem

  • Disruptive technologies like AI or Blockchain/DLT are analyzed

Set of methods developed further since 2004

  • More than 16 years experience in business engineering of financial networks

  • Access to the results of the CC since 2004 (models and prototypes)

Individual result application

  • The latest results are put into practice by financial services providers to implement individual solutions exclusively for individual partners

  • Contract research in the CC context

  • Moderation of internal workshops

  • Training and knowledge transfer


Current research topics


More than 16 years of history


Competence Center 1:

Design and evaluation of sourcing models


Competence Center 2:

Management of service-oriented banking networks


Competence Center 3:

Transformation to the Bank 2015


Competence Center 4:

Customer- and service-oriented design


Competence Center 5:

Customer- and service-oriented innovations of networked banks


Competence Center 6:

Industrialization and standardization


Competence Center 7:

Ecosystems and Disruption


Competence Center 8:

Collaborative business models and transformation



In the results area you will find the results of the previous and current Competence Center. This area is only accessible to our Competence Center cooperation partners.

Our Partners

  • Prof. Dr. Rainer Alt

    Lehrstuhl für Anwendungssysteme Universität Leipzig

  • Prof. Dr. Reinhard Jung

    Lehrstuhl für Business Engineerung Universität St. Gallen


Dr. Stefanie Auge-Dickhut

Head CC Ecosystems

Lukasstrasse 4

9008 St. Gallen