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Research-related advice with proven methods and reference models

With our customers (project partners), we develop differentiated solutions and innovative business models for their ecosystem. We accompany the transformation on a cultural, process and technological level.


Ecosystems and business models

We design your business model with you, accompany you in the optimal positioning in existing ecosystems as well as the development of new ecosystems.



Selected reference projects


  • Ecosystem positioning options in the digital environment

  • Conception smart button ecosystem development

  • Strategic options for ecosystem-based positioning

  • Strategic positioning and modularization options for a core banking system manufacturer

  • Implementation of a sales strategy and development of the business network

  • Evaluation of the outsourcing of a business area to an external company

  • Conception for the design of the workplace of the future for the customer and the customer advisor

Our Consulting Areas

Business architecture & sourcing

We build your business architecture for you, support you in the selection of core banking systems and optimize your sourcing relationships.



Selected reference projects


  • Development and ongoing implementation of core banking radar

  • Multi-channel and sourcing assessment

  • Development of the sourcing models for a major bank

  • Service models for transaction banking in payment transactions

  • Performance comparison: Periodic exchange of eight banks and providers in the areas of payment, investing and financing

  • Establishment of a credit factory in Switzerland

  • Prototype rental deposit process on the blockchain for service development

  • Development of an analysis tool including analysis and evaluation of core banking systems

  • Business process modeling for core banking systems

  • Support BPO offering for banks and external asset managers

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We identify trends and their impact on your company so that the digitalization strategies and measures derived from them bring added value for all your stakeholders.



Selected reference projects


  • Basics for the digital strategies of private banks

  • Development of a digitalization strategy for financial institutions

  • Development of a branch strategy in the context of digitalization

  • IoT prototypes for the smart home sector based on DLT

  • Model for measuring the effect of advertising (e.g. TV spot)

  • Technologization of the advisory process (tablet-based advice in private banking)

  • Customer journey data mapping and creation of a cockpit

  • Support for a banking group as ad interim CIO

  • Formulation of service design strategy (banking services, IT)

Digital Assets

We support banks & regulated financial market participants in the conception, development & implementation of their digital asset strategy. In doing so, we use proven process models and contribute our experience in the implementation of such projects in a regulated framework to create added value. 

​Ausgewählte Referenzprojekte

  • Identification of opportunities & development of the strategic target picture in the context of digital assets for a Swiss universal bank.

  • Identification & evaluation of use cases for a blockchain-based payment solution

  • Design & implementation of a blockchain-based prototype (Ethereum & Hyperledger) for financial transaction processing for a German & a Swiss bank

  • Creation of a proof of concept in the area of real estate tokenization to optimize processing in the mortgage business

  • Expansion of the digital assets offering as well as introduction of new products in the context of digital assets

  • Customized training offering for different business levels, aligned with training goal & prior knowledge



We accompany you on the strategic, technological and cultural level and create the necessary resilience in your company with agile methods.



Selected reference projects


  • Strategic orientation of future project management and implications for the organization

  • Development of a strategy framework at group level

  • Aspects of the monetization of data / big data and the associated transformation of the organization

  • Strategic alignment of future process management and the back office

  • Conduct of a corporate customer study on the topic of digital maturity

  • Benchmarking concept and implementation for the IT / operations area

  • Methodology for the selection of standard software

  • Methodical support in the field of B2B for banks

  • Service process comparison for better management of customers



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